Friday, January 2, 2009

2007 Jefferson Award Winner, African-American Activist Berryhill to Obama "Show Your Vault BC"

From Citizen Berryhill

Diary Entry by Vivian Berryhill

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Mr. President-elect, surely you know that there is a 'tempest in the teapot' brewing regarding the vault version of your birth certificate. And, only you, Sir, can bring closure to this issue. Mr. Obama, show your birth certificate for the sake of all the people who supported and voted for you... and, also to quiet (once, and for all) the skeptics, naysayers, and people who deem your Presidency 'illegitimate'


Dear Mr. President-elect Obama,

With out a doubt, your history making ascension to the highest office in the land has brought, and continues to bring, unexplainable pride to millions of people of color, not just in America... but around the globe. People are rooting for you, as they want you to be a good President.

But on the other hand... there are also millions of others who do not like you, respect you, or want to see you confirmed as the 44th President of these United States. Please understand that for some in that category, it's personal. But there are many, who have not accepted your position, operating out of fear because there remain 'questions' about your life that have not been thoroughly answered.

I am writing this open letter to you today on behalf of both sides. Mr. President-elect, surely you know that there is a 'tempest in the teapot' brewing regarding the vault version of your birth certificate. And, only you, Sir, can bring closure to this issue.

For months now across bloggersville, and... now the issue is surfacing in main line media outlets as well, American citizens–– yes, the ones who voted for you... and the ones who did not–– are 'bewildered' that you feel the need to pay money (in the midst of a recession) to three major law firms to make sure that the American people, who you wish to serve, cannot have access to your birth records in Hawaii or your college transcripts. Speculation is running rampant that you received aid as a foreign student. So, instead of relishing in your victory, those who supported you are having to confront these allegations daily...without documentation or ammunition to counter the claims.

Americans believe you when you say you 'love this country'. However, to allow this birth certificate brouhaha to reach the Supreme Court on December 5, causes many to question your love for the country you want to lead. Why would you allow this issue to proceed to the Supreme Court, knowing the national scab has not fully healed from the Bush vs Gore election which was decided at the SCOTUS level? Unfortunately, Mr. President-elect, whichever decision is handed down by the Justices, will not make this issue go away. And, quite frankly, a Constitutional crisis may be imminent... which could further divide an already divided nation.

I know this birth certificate issue may seem trivial in the scheme of things: National Security briefings, world threats, picking a cabinet, an economic crisis looming large... but to many of our fellow Americans, 'nothing' is more important than the Constitution of the United States. Consequently, you Sir, are the only one who can bring closure to the issue at this juncture.

So, please Mr. Obama... for the sake of all the people who supported and voted for you... and, also to quiet (once, and for all) the skeptics, naysayers, and people who already deem your presidency 'illegitimate', do like Senator John McCain did, and present your birth certificate to the American people today.

Our prayer is that you will do the right thing, put an end to this nonsense... so America can come together and tackle the real issues that face this country.

Vivian Berryhill, founder of a national service organization, is a renown speaker and travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad. She has addressed audiences in Thailand, Nigeria, Honduras, Peru, Chile, and has traveled to Kenya, Uganda, Camaroon, Zambia, Rawanda, France and the U.K.

She was selected as one of the premier partners for Walden Media's internationally acclaimed movie: Amazing Grace, and the worldwide movement Amazing Change,, lending her voice and talent, along with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Right Reverend Patrick 'Donoghue, and other notable world leaders, to end modern day slavery. Mrs. Berryhill, a 2007 Jefferson Public Service Award winner, also received the prestigious Presidential Service Award in 2006. She is married to Rev. C.L. Berryhill, Jr.

More Information for US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, FBI and IRS — According to the Cook County Assessor's website, the Chicago home of four-term Democrat Congressman and likely new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, doesn't exist... there seems to be no public record of Emanuel ever paying property taxes on this home. On 11/07/2008 this post removed due to Cook County Government Intimidation

According to the Cook County Assessor's website, the Chicago home of four-term Democrat Congressman and likely new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, doesn't exist. While the address of 4228 North Hermitage is listed as Emanuel's residence on the Illinois State Board of Elections' website, there seems to be no public record of Emanuel ever paying property taxes on this home.

The Cook County Assessor's and Cook County Treasurer's online records indicate Emanuel's Chicago neighbors pay between $3,500 and $7,000 annually. However, Illinois Review has been unable to locate any evidence that the former Clinton advisor and investment banker is paying his fair share of Cook County's notoriously high tax burden.

Why wouldn't 4228 North Hermitage property owners Rahm Emanuel and wife Amy Rule pay property taxes?

One reason may be because Emanuel and Rule declared their 4228 North Hermitage home as the office location for their personal nonprofit foundation called the "Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Foundation." As the non-profit's headquarters, their home could be exempt from paying property taxes.

In January 2007, USA Today reported on Emanuel's foundation:

The Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Trust was formed in2002, when the Chicago lawmaker was first elected. The former Clinton White House aide and his wife, Amy Rule, are its only donors. Emanuel was an investment banker after serving in the White House.

The trust reported having $2,900 on hand at the end of 2005 after receiving $34,000 from Emanuel and donating more than $31,000.

During the past three years, Emanuel's charity gave nearly $25,000 to the Anshe Emet synagogue and school [a private school that the Rahm/Rule children attend]..., and $15,000 to the foundation run by former president Bill Clinton. It also gave $14,000 to Marwen, a Chicago charity that provides art classes and other educational help to low-income children. Rule is on Marwen's board.

Emanuel's 4228 North Hermitage home is one of the largest in the neighborhood, with a side yard that appears to be a vacant lot, making the Emanuels' property the largest portion on the block.

Other North Hermitage homes on Emanuel's block are valued in the $500,000 plus range. According to Cook County Treasurer's website, the Chicago owners of nearby 118 year old 4222 North Hermitage pay almost $6800 annually. The family at 4224 North Heritage pays $6000 each year in property taxes.

President Elect Obama - himself a connected, Chicago insider who has benefited from questionable land deals - may find it difficult to explain why his very own Chicago-based chief of staff doesn't pay property taxes like the "little guy" he claims to represent. Or perhaps allowing his wealthy friends to avoid taxes is part of Obama's trickle down redistribution economics. It's certainly the kind of "change" we Illinoisans can believe in...since we're quite familiar with it here in the federal indictment land of Daley, Blagojevich, Madigan, Jones, Cellini, Rezko, etc., etc.

More to come...

I Wrote to Chief Justice Roberts: Did You?

I sent off a letter to Chief Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court, as suggested by Reverend Manning. I asked Roberts to please consider hearing one of these cases before the Court on the Obama Eligibility Controversy. I asked the Court to affirm the definition of the phrase "natural born citizen" and define more clearly what Congress' role is in interpreting or redefining this phrase.

His address is:

Chief Justice Roberts
United States Supreme Court
Defend the Constitution
One First Street, NE
Washington DC 20543

I have also written to "Senator Snopes" (i.e., Senator Jon Kyl) and the other Congressmen and Senators in the Congressional Hall of Shame. Did you?

I have also written repeatedly to Congress and their aides about this matter. Did you?

I have contacted my state and federal elected representatives in writing and by phone repeatedly. Did you?

Join me in making them aware of how important this is. The Congressional January 8th meeting is very soon. The Supreme Court meetings on January 9th and January 16th are all too close.

Let's contact them to let them know we are concerned.

Letter From a Reader Carol

Isturiz is an Afro-American Venezuelan politician with national recognition.


Dr. Orly,

You posted what looks like a Venezuelan driver's license or identity card, and it seemed to have Obama's last name as "Obama Isturiz". Did you notice that?

It has his first name on the next line, "Barack Hussein."

I googled Isturiz, wondering what that word was there for. I found the above link to a well-known Venezuelan politician who is Afro-Amercan. Were they falsifying Barack's last name, making him look connected to a famous politician, to help him move about?

Pretty odd. He now has about 6 aliases.

Your note on the immigration officer who was an eye witness looks promising. Hope you can locate the Immigration office who feels he saw Obama enter as a foreign student, and he could sign a notarized statement, for lawyers to back up their suspicions of Obama as an Indonesian immigrant.

Also, I bet Obama went to high school in Hawaii, then Lolo told him how he went to El Camino HS and maybe Lolo went on to a free education for foreign students at Occidental (the free needs verified, but I read that somewhere), and so Obama enrolled at El Camino as Barry Soetoro (in the alumni yearbook 1980 under that name) and it facilitated his free education at Occidental as an Indonesian. Coming from a Hawaiian high school may have prohibited him. Just a guess.

God bless,


An Article From the New Media Journal.US

Frank Salvato, Managing Editor

Why the POTUS Needs to Be a Natural-Born Citizen

December 3, 2008

The Founders and Framers were incredibly intelligent people. In fact, they operated, intellectually, at a grade 24 level, grade 12 equating to the senior year in high school. Therefore, it shouldn't come as any surprise that each Article and Amendment – each tenet – in The Charters of Freedom was painstakingly examined, debated, reviewed and, finally, included. Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution – the Article that clearly states the qualifications for holding the office of President of the United States – is no different.

To be clear, I have no decided position on whether or not President-Elect Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen or otherwise. I believe that we – as a people – need to base our understanding on any and every issue on the facts. But in the case of Mr. Obama’s status of natural-born citizenship there are too many unanswered questions and not enough transparency where the facts are concerned. For a candidate who ran his presidential campaign on the promise of transparency, Mr. Obama has proven in the earliest moments of his executive tenure that transparency is subjective.

The most troubling of the troublesome questions is why Mr. Obama didn’t immediately release his vaulted, original birth certificate for examination. This act would have not only eliminated a potential stumbling block for his campaign, but it would have certified his eligibility for the office of President of the United States and saved the taxpayers the cost of judicial intervention. Instead, under the pretext of visiting an ailing grandmother in Hawaii just days before the 2008 Presidential Election, Mr. Obama had his vaulted, original birth certificate sealed by Hawaii’s governor, Linda Lingle (R).

On Friday, December 5th, 2008, the full compliment of the United States Supreme Court will hold a Rule of Four Conference hearing on the issue of Donofrio v. Wells; a lawsuit alleging that New Jersey Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells was delinquent in disqualifying ineligible candidates for President of the United States from the November 4th, 2008 General Election Ballot. The US Supreme Court Rule of Four states that before a case is put on the docket, four out of the nine Supreme Court justices must agree in conference to hear the case. If four out of the nine Supreme Court Justices agree, Donofrio v. Wells will be heard by the full United States Supreme Court and our nation will stand on the brink of a Constitutional Crisis.

There are many reasons why someone running for the office of President of the United States should be a natural-born citizen but four come to mind as the most immediate: Allegiance, Sovereignty, Foreign Intervention and the safeguarding of The Charters of Freedom.


It is important that anyone aspiring to the office of President of the United States have a steadfast allegiance to The Charters of Freedom and the country, without reserving any allegiance to any foreign power, entity or potentate.

Because the President of the United States serves as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces it is essential that the person holding this position, and the authority to unleash the power of the US military, not be compromised of allegiance. And because the President is the Chief Executive -- the administrator to all Executive Branch authorities and departments -- it is paramount that this position be limited to those who would dedicate themselves to "country first."

A person holding dual allegiance – or dual citizenship – would be put in the position of having to choose between those allegiances and would, therefore, compromise his oath of preserving, protecting and defending the United States Constitution.


In an age when there exists a substantial number of federally elected officials who believe the United States should take its seat as an equal in a one-world, globalist order, it becomes critical that the person elected to serve as President of the United States have an unwavering dedication to our nation’s sovereignty.

With the advent of organizations such as the “World Court” and an ever-advancing encroachment of United Nations authority upon our sovereignty, it is important that our national sovereignty be protected at all cost. Allowing someone who does not satisfy Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution to ascend to the office of President facilitates an opportunity for globalist ideologues to position themselves to do harm to the Charters of Freedom at the hand of world opinion and at the expense of the Rights as enumerated in The Charters of Freedom.

When one takes into account many of the extreme laws governing free speech, property rights, taxation and personal and religious freedom that exist throughout the world it becomes clear that to bow to the will of the world community, to trade our sovereignty for universal national equality, serves to diminish the freedom and liberty mandated by The Charters of Freedom, liberties and freedoms paid for with the blood and treasure of patriots.

Foreign Intervention

In the youthful existence of the United States of America our nation has come up against many individuals, nations and organizations who would revel in our demise. To permit a non-natural-born citizen to rise to the office of President would be to invite nefarious forces to manufacture a Little Nikita in the hope of bringing about the actualization of Nikita Khrushchev’s declaration that the United States will fall with nary a shot being fired.

To believe that organizations like al Qaeda, ideologues like Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or nation states like Russia or China wouldn’t embrace the chance to – through the legitimate means of our electoral process – install an operative in the Oval Office is to be na├»ve. Each of these entities devote resources to affect the demise of the United States of America including military, economic and ideological (read: propaganda) resources.

Because the President of the United States is entrusted with the execution of authority of all Executive Branch departments and the command of the US military, it is vital that anyone aspiring to the office have a complete appreciation and devotion for the American way of life. Failing to vet those who do not possess natural-born appreciation or our uniquely American philosophy is to invite an ideological siege upon our nation and to compromise the ability to bequeath Americanism to future generations.

Safeguarding of the Charters of Freedom

Chief among every American President’s duties is to safeguard the Charters of Freedom. The Oath of Office of the President of the United States reads:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Some add, “So help me God” to punctuate their commitment.

Without a solid, unwavering dedication to preserving The Charters of Freedom the President of the United States is ill-prepared to advance the freedoms and liberties mandated therein to future generations. Those who would usurp the genius of our Founders and Framers by diminishing the importance of natural born citizenship as a requirement for President do so at the expense of generational safeguards. Those who engage in this national apostasy should be thoroughly scrutinized for any ulterior motive.

Today, as we await the decision of the United States Supreme Court on the issue of President-Elect Obama’s requirement to satisfy Article II, Section 1, our nation stands at a crossroads that runs adjacent to the abyss. Today, there is no provision in the US Constitution for a mechanism to enforce Article II, Section 1 but for US Supreme Court action. On Friday, should the US Supreme Court abdicate its responsibility to the US Constitution, the full Charters of Freedom and the American People, we will stand smaller in the eyes of our Founders and Framers and in the eyes of all who died in pursuit of the preservation of our freedoms and liberty.

While it is true that many who have come to be naturalized American citizens exhibit a deeper love of our country than many who take citizenship for granted, one of the few ways to assure that Americanism and The Charters of Freedom survive for future generations is to stipulate that those aspiring to become President of the United States be American. When we “rationalize” that requirement to the ash heap of history we can all rest assured that our freedom and liberty will soon follow.

FS-1 - Foreign Student Visa and Barack Obama??

From this forum:

“Obama has also failed/refused to release any records pertaining to school, college, and medical. Why? Was he registered as a foreign exchange student at both colleges? A retired INS agent who worked when Obama came into the United States stated he distinctly remembered Obama because of his ‘slick’ manners and speech. The agent says that he went back into the INS files and found the information and that Obama came into the USA on a FS-1 passport/visa. FS-1 is a foreign student visa classification, not a US citizen passport. So, who out there can get into the INS files and find Soreto/Obama’s record of entry into the USA?“

These pictures are of Barack Obama's stepfather who was a student at the El Camino HS in 1963 as an exchange student.

The step-father was going by a couple different names too; Lolo Soetoro, Soetoro Moestabjab, Soetoro Mangunharjo, and his nickname was "Toro"... I guess using the different aliases is a family trait.

University Library California Legal Research Guide: Legislation ... Journal of the Assembly, Legislature of the State of California (Ref KFC14 .C3512), 1942-current. (1989-current in Reference; earlier in the ARS. ...

1 page matching SOETORO MOESTABJAB in this book Page 6488

University Library California Legal Research Guide: Legislation ...

Journal of the Senate, Legislature of the State of California (Ref KFC14 .C3522), 1942-current. (1989-current in Reference; earlier in the ARS.) ...

1 page matching SOETORO MOESTABJAB in this book Page 1052

From the World Library search engine. Here are all the places that carry the Senate version of this book:

And here is the Assembly version:

HatTip to the team at Country First for helping with this

Berg Files a Lawsuit on Behalf of a Retired Colonel - The Lawsuit is an “Interpleader” That Shifts the Burden of Proof to Obama Further "For Immediate Release: - 12/30/08

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 12/30/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States which is pending in the U.S. Supreme Court [Docket No. 08 – 570] with two [2] Conferences scheduled on January 9th and 16th 2009, filed suit against Barry Soetoro a/k/a Obama on behalf of a Retired Military Colonel."