Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Message to Ron Paul

Here is an email I sent to Congressman Ron Paul and his congressional aides:

I was very disappointed to hear that Ron Paul had recently said to a constituent that no one cared if Barack Obama was eligible to take office or not, and that both houses of Congress intended to approve his candidacy even if he was ineligible.

Ron Paul said he was concerned about looking bad in front of the other politicians apparently, according to this broadcast account:

I am stunned that Ron Paul would make this kind of comment. Taking this position is going to cost him much more than he could ever imagine.

I am very concerned that Barack Obama is ineligible for office. Here is a message to members of Congress on this issue:

A chart summarizing the problem can be found at

Thank you

Robert Stevens

Please consider joining me in expressing your concerns to Congressman Ron Paul


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